The Plethora Identity

Hey Everyone!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend and a great start to your week.  Plethora is a Gatcha specialist creator who’s goods are on sale right now at The Garden event which is running from July 15th – August 10th with this month’s theme being Dangerous Liasons.  Each play of the Gatcha costs L$50.

Also new from Spellbound is the hair I’m wearing called toothbrush.  The hair also has a bow option and is uber cute!.  The hair can be found for puchase at Collabor88!

Desk Set

Plethora – Dossier – Pink & Blue
Plethora – Compact Lockpick Set – White & Black
Plethora – USB Lipstick – Red, Blue & Pink
Plethora – Syringe Thermos – Blue & Pink
Plethora – Smokebomb Thermos – Red
Plethora – Wall Art Calendar – *NEW @ The Main Store*
PILOT – Dellinger Desk – Kaz Nayar

All Plethora items are created by Plethora Plentiful and are available @ The Garden Gatcha Event unless otherwise noted.

What I’m Wearing

Plethora – Ladygrip Revolver – White (with poses) – Plethora Plentiful *NEW @ THE GARDEN*
Plethora – Thigh Holster & Knives – Cold Steel – Plethora Plentiful *NEW @ THE GARDEN*
+Spellbound+ Toothbrush // Natural Selection – Kohana Xue *NEW @ COLLABOR88*
Cae :: Entangled :: Cuffs & Earrings – Caelan Hancroft
Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Silvery White Croco – Onyx Lashelle
[] – Jaden Celoe
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Relaxed – Siddean Munro
[PF] Alyx – Smokey/Eye A (dkbrow) – Mochi Milena
[PF] Classic Lipstick – Ruby Red – Mochi Milena
{D.A} Sinistre – Blind Blue – Soleil Reid
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelashes – Freya Oliveri


So I’m Waiting….

Hi everyone! Today I am wearing a new bodysuit by Masoom which can be found at the Oh My Gatcha event which is running from July 1st – July 15th.  Each play for the bodysuit is L$50. I am also wearing new hair from Truth which can be found at the Truth Hair mainstore!

Here is a look at the colours and rares are for the Gatcha Item.

[[ Masoom]]  Touch me not

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

What I Am Wearing

[[ Masoom]] Touch me notbody suit + Lola’s Appliers – Amberchaudry Corpur *NEW @ Oh My Gatcha!*
TRUTH HAIR Devinna – Truth Hawks *NEW*
-Glam Affair – Summer skin – America 08 B – Aida Ewing
Lolas :::Tango Mirage ::: – Sweet Praga
[mock] Costa Rican Coast [lip 2] – Mocksoup Graves
Slink Mesh Feet & Hands – Siddean Munro
.ID. Intense / Mesh Eyes – Audrey Lamede
*MC* “Falsies” Eyelashes – Freya Oliveri

Bed – Florplan. bibilophile bed – Tegan Sara

Sit back, relax and enjoy

If you have ever opened a store in SL, you know that there’s a ton of things to do.  Last week was such a rush for me.  I reopened my shapes store, WaxworX Shapes.  I redid everything from the graphics I use on my vendors to the packaging that I use to “box up” my shapes.  Little details that people just see like group joiners and subscribos, notecard givers etc, that make up a store. It’s not as simple as it is.  The only thing I didn’t have to do, was make my building.. we’d have been here for years if that was the case.

The Arcade is here!!!  I went there yesterday and got this awesome tent by Floorplan in one of the gatcha’s.  there are so many things available in the gacha’s.  Skins, cars, jewelry you name it.  The majority of the things I found there went for about L$50 to – L$100 and it gets addictive buying, but I was a good girl did not spend a lot.

The hair I’m wearing is new from Exile.  I absolutely love this hair as I keep finding reasons to wear it. The jewelry is by Pekka, which can be found at another event called Numerology my jeans are a new release by Cynful and my top is one of the new releases by Auxilary. 

The skin I’m wearing now is Cleo by Glam Affair. I’m in love with this skin. I was not a fan of Glam Affair for the longest time because the models used were way too youthful looking, and I enjoy a little definition in my skin. So I was surprised to see how this skin looked on my shape. The designer also added a pours and definition tattoo layer which gives the skin a less than perfect look to it.

Now I think all I need is a Timmie’s Iced Cap and one of the books from a Song of Ice and Fire.  It’s sooo nice to relax.

What I’m Wearing

.Pekka. Infinity Jewelry – Silver by kathya.szczepanski *New – Numerology Event*
Exile::Celebrity Skin Naturals – by Kavar Cleanslate *New – In store*
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Flat XS Right – by Siddean Munro
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Relaxed XS Left by Siddean Munro
[Aux] Just Frills – M – – Anchor – pink by Tyr Rozenblum
[Cynful] + lil’lace – Bell Bottom M by Cynthia Ultsch *New – In store*
[LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur/touch me by Thora Charron
[WaxworX] Sio Shape ( C ) by Siobhin Shippe 55 (not for Sale)
Glam Affair – Cleo – Def & skin porse ( America ) by Aida Ewing
Glam Affair – Cleo – America – 06 A by Aida Ewing *New – In store*
.ID. Essentials / Light / Denim by Audrey Lamede

Tent – floorplan. sleepover tent gacha / cloud by tegan Serin *New – The Arcade Gacha Event*

Setting the Mood

Today’s post is unique, because for the first time, I’m showing household items. With the Home Expo a day away, I have been given the opportunity to have a look at the reBourne Multiscene product.  It is the ultimate in skybox scenery with over 100 scenes to choose from if you buy the premium version, or you can buy a small pack that includes the rezzer and scenery picker that has 11 different scenes based on a theme.  There are 11 themes altogether.

Because I was limited in prims and a bit short on time, I used the skybox from Barnsworth Anubis in creating the home setting from which to view the reBourne Multiscene package.  This little house is well laid out with ample space in all the rooms.

View from the bedroom. The easel in the kitchen is by Boogers. You can actually draw on them. Furniture is from What Next.  The Burbury blanket with the Tic Tac Toe game on it is a gift for buying the premium version of the Multiscene Panaramic Vew.

Looking out into the Dutch landscape from my bay window you can see the way in which the Multiscene Panoramic view provides a realistic feel to the skybox  in which you are in.  Looking at this picture, I almost have to do a double take to figure out I’m looking at a computer generated wold and not a real house.  The Multiscene has 11 sound variations that last for 90 seconds and are looped together to give a complete overall immersion into the environment.  You can have birds chirping, crickets singing, and the sound of an urban sprawl, depending on the choice you make from the controller.  The Multiscene can also be resized in three configurations, 30m, 45m and 64m so that it can fit a variety of skybox sizes.

Is it real, or is it SL?   I almost have to wonder.

Well, what if you tire of living in Holland?  How about a large city? The Multiscene has a scene for such things.

Such a neat view with the apartments. Makes you feel like you’re right downtown in the heat of the action.

Tired of the city life?  You can leave it all at the click of a button!  Next Stop Tahiti!

These plants have to go…

The Multiscene completely surrounds the building, so you can if you wanted put up a regular house in the middle of the Multiscene, you would have a complete surround of scenery no matter what direction you look, including up.

A rocky overhang meets the sky viewable from inside the skybox. Completely surrounded by 360 degrees of scene.

Sometimes you bring a little of yourself into SL, be it a picture, something in your profile or what have you.  When I started decorating this house I thought about what kind of artwork would look good on the walls, and I decided to use a local artist from my home town.  Greg Curnoe.

Three pieces of art grace the walls by Greg Curnoe, a celebrated Canadian artist from London Ontario.

Greg Curnoe was an avid cyclist, and a lot of his work revolves around the bicycle.  Wheels and full bicycles being what he loved to do pictures of.  Sadly in 1992, Greg was on a club cycling tour with the London Centennial Riders when he was struck by a car and killed.  However he left a legacy of beautiful art, and I’m glad I was able to find some to put up in this skybox.

Greg Curnoe’s famous painting of his Mariposa bicycle. These bikes were custom built for Greg in Toronto Ontario.

I love the Multiscene.  It’s a wonderful addition to any skybox and well worth the Lindens.  Be sure to check out a demonstration of this product at Home & Garden Expo 2013!!

Sio ❤